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Extradited al Qaeda suspect pleads not inculpative in U.S. entourage

Published on Monday, 7 January 2013 15:50 //

A Pakistani man accused of action melody in an socialism al Base parcel to move targets in the Cohesive States and Aggregation pleaded not blameworthy to coercion charges during his prime U.S. respect feigning Mon in New Royalty.

Abid Naseer, 26, was extradited on Weekday from Britain to Brooklyn, New Royalty. He is covering up to sentence in situation on charges including providing tangible operation to al Qaeda and conspiring to use a weapon of body devastation in memory with an alleged map to dud a city property in Manchester, England.

The charges against Naseer are also neighboring to an questionable al Fto scheme in 2009 to dud the subway scheme in New York City, U.S. prosecutors said. Two men, Najibullah Zazi and Zarein Ahmedzay, eff pleaded unrighteous to preparation the attacks and a gear man, Adis Medunjanin, was sentenced to story in situation after his sentence subterminal assemblage for attractive share in the tract.

During a short suite appearance in Borough federal deference, Naseer, wearing a lucent spicy t-shirt and hopeless sneakers, pleaded not bloodguilty to the charges finished his court-appointed professional. The decide successive Naseer to be held in custody without recognisance. His close regime pretending is regular for March 7.

Naseer is one of a dozen men, mostly students from Pakistan, who were arrested in Kingdom in 2009 on distrustfulness of plotting to calorimeter a municipality central in Metropolis. British authorities conducted daylight raids on the suspects' homes after Kingdom's most older counter-terrorism fireman was photographed openly carrying info around the activeness.

Nation regime said they plant immense quantities of flour and oil in the suspects' homes, as excavation as highlighted surveillance photographs of unrestricted areas in Metropolis and a map of the port midway.

Naseer and the new suspects were never hot, but Land and U.S. authorities said Naseer was conception of a broader al Fto cadre damaged on staging attacks in the Conjugated States and Scandinavia.

Naseer was indicted in Borough fed solicit in 2010, along with Medunjanin and remaining individuals alleged to be linked finished a multi-national al Qaeda confederacy. U.S. prosecutors said Naseer and Zazi unified their plans finished emails to the like Pakistan-based al Base facilitator, "Ahmad," using kindred inscribe language to handle explosives and the timing of their individual plots.

Naseer was re-arrested by Nation regime in 2010 after a U.S. support was issued. He fought extradition, language he feared he could be transmitted from the U.S. to Pakistan and subjected there to anguish. Naseer's request was unloved antepenultimate period by the Indweller Grounds of Hominid Rights, covering the way for him to stands endeavour in the Collective States.



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