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Google Spying On People With CIA-People Still Dont Know....

Published on Tuesday, 18 June 2013 06:12 //

Google Indulged in Spying:The Europeon media has been currently reporting the fact of involvement of google on spying on people of US and other foreign countries. Google spy on people by accessing personal information about internet users and then supply them to CIA and other American Intelligence Agencies. However media was unable to report properly the denial of Google of involvement on spying.
See Inside Google-Spying On You
See Inside Google-Spying On You

Google has been involved to supply data to US intelligence agencies to attack foreign governments, doing wars resulting in killing of innocent people.


 Keyhole Inc which is funded by Q-Tel whereas Q-Tel is completely the product of CIA. So the point is Keyhole developed the technology for Google Earth and Google Earth is used by US Spy systems for controlling their military actions and foreign affairs. The theme seems to be dominating the whole planet.

Google (SPY) Supplier of Intellipedia:

Google supplies CORE SEARCHED TECHNOLOGY to Intellipedia , which is an online system for sharing information among about 36000 US SPIES.


National Security Agency “NSA” which involved on spying on US citizens, has bought servers from google which help them gather information about serious matters all over the globe regarding terrorism.


Even the relationship between Google and CIA has extended to an extent that CIA deputes  atleast one of its senior  personnel  Google as it’s evident from the past. In 2004 Rob Painter, was deputed at google as Seniour Federal Manager. Formerly he was serving at Q-Tel as Director of Technology Assessment .

 IN Visible Technologies And Google Spy:

Invisible Technologies is a software that is used for complete surveillance of social media. This technology indexes each and every thing on social media whether it’s friends’ list or comments or gossips. It also rank every comment whether it’s positive or negative. So in this situation , it gathers a good amount of data regarding users’ profiles. These kind of information could be very handy while spying. Actually Google’s friends has invested in this technology. CIA venture capitalists at In-Q-Tel told earlier that they will monitor the whole social media on the web. This technology can easily discern discussions on  social media sites.

Now it should be all set in mind that US government has been indulged for subersion of the governments through social media especially those which they disliked.



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