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Mehran Marri Accused Pak And China In UN 23RD Regular Session

Published on Monday, 10 June 2013 01:07 //

On 23rd regular session Mehran Marri, who is Balochistan’s representative in the United Nations, spoke about the rights of Balochistan. He distrusted the recent elections in Pakistan and said that Pakistan was continuously involved in violating the rights of Balochistan’s people.

Mehran Marri stated that the boycott by the Baloch leaders recent elections is due to the fact as participating means legitimizing the injustice that is sustained against Balochistan since 1948. The Pakistan delegated objected Mehran Marri as it’s the responsibility of Pak Government to cater the rights of Balochis.

The bewildering situation came forward when US and UK openly supported Mehran Marri. Pakistan objected the support by the two strong contries as supporting Mehran Marri would be clear indication to strengthen the belief of those who suspect that there are certain elements in United States Of Ameriaca And United Kingdom, who support Balochistan for their invested interests.

On the other hand Cuba and China also supported Pakistan as it should not be tolerated to impinge on the sovereignty of an independent state. Cuban representative said that their country was not prepared to listen such remarks that could hurt in sovereignty of Pakistan. Meanwhile USA and UK interrupted to permit Mehran Marri should be given a chance to complete his statement.

Mehran Marri accused not only Pakistan as well as China that both has intensified the cold war against Balochistan.  Mutilated bodies are dumped daily to maintain their horror in Balochistan so that nobody could think of talking about their rights. Mehran Marii also alleged that both China and Pakistan are using Balochistan as an economic corridor for their economic interests.

Pakistani Representatives said that, “We cannot allow the use of this forum for statements which highly impinge upon the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the sovereign states as enshrined in the United Nations Charter. We request you to expunge such remarks from the proceedings.”

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