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Katherine Pregnancy and Katherine Arrival To Hospital

Published on Monday, 22 July 2013 10:50 //

1.      Duchess of Cambridge is in labour. The top world’s media is in serious concern regarding the new member to the Royal Family.

Catherine and Duke Arrival To The Hospital

             Catherine and Duke of Cambridge reached the St Mary’s Hospital  in Paddington.

         As the media reported on televisions that Royal vehicles were seen at the back door of St Mary’s Hospital.The world’s media has been camping around  the hospital for days expecting the birth by Catherine but it’s a week late then the anticipated date of mid july.
        Catherine and Duke yet don’t know the sex their baby that who will be the new member of their Royal Palace.

Catherine and Police Presence

            Although the Catherine and her husband arrived at the hospital without any security but now there is very strong security all around the hospital. Two guards are deputed at the way going to Catherine hospital room.
         Catherine is in complete  observation Marcus Setchell who is the Catherine gynaecologist. Marcus Setchell will be assisted by Alan Farthing who is also an expert gynaecologist. Catherine is now in hospital Lindo private wing.

        In York , when the Prince of Wales was enquired by the media about Katherine’s pregnancy, He totally remained modest regarding Katherine’s pregnancy.


Catherine’s Baby Birth Announcement

  • The announcement will be made in following ways
  • ·         The news will be tagged at ornate easel.
  • ·         An official announcement will be driven to the Buckingham Palace.
  • ·         Event the weight will be included in the announcement.
  • ·         Afterward the news will also be shared on top social sites like Facebook and Twitter…  



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