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Legalizing Marijuana In Uruguay

Published on Wednesday, 31 July 2013 23:42 //

A Bill regarding the legalization of the marijuana has been passed by the parliament of the Uruguay.

If the bill is also approved by the senate, then Uruguay would be the first country in the world of regulating distribution, production and sale of marijuana.
President Jose Mujica’s government is in complete favour of the law as stating the reasons that it will keep the drug addicts from using harder drugs. Legalizing marijuana would also cut profits from drug dealers.
According to  the bill , only registered retailers would be allowed to sell marijuana.
Drug addicted people would be allowed to consume only 40g of marijuana per month or he would be able to grow upto 6 marijuana plants at home.
According to the bill ,"the control and regulation of the importation, exportation, plantation, cultivation, the harvest, the production, the acquisition, the storage, the commercialisation and the distribution of cannabis and its by-products".
The bill was supported by fifty out of 96 MPs.  The legalization bill was largely backed by Frente Amplio coalition.
Frente Amplio coalition was not in favour of the bill firstly but later on they backed the bill on the day.

The bill is also expected to be approved by the senate.



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