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Third Generation (3G) Technology: To be launched in Pakistan in March 2014

Published on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 12:30 // ,

third generation (3G) technology in PakistanPakistan decided to auction licenses by March to run third- and fourth-generation (3G,4G) mobile-phone networks, with new and existing operators eligible to bid, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority's chief said.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has hired Value Partners that would Consult to advise on the sale, the base price and number of licenses which would be auctioned for a 15-year term.
This is an advanced mobile phone technology which provides broadband services on mobile phone. Now a days Second generation 2G technology is used in Pakistan due to which the downloading speed on Mobile networks is too low.
The speed of 3G spectrum is 60 mbps while the speed of  4G is 100 mbps. In the year 2013 in a report it was told that the number of mobile phone users in Pakistan were reached to 9.7 million.
According to PTA a good number of people are taking advantages from mobile phones, by keeping in mind these people the PTA has decided to auction 3G an 4G licenses. According to expersts if the auction completes in a free and fairly manner in march  then it will be a revolution in Pakistan's social and economic fields.


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