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Sanjay Dutt gets five years jail, as senteced by supreme court of India

Published on Thursday, 21 March 2013 01:30 // ,

Indian court has announced the verdict that  Bollywood actor
Sanjay Dutt
have to go back to prison for his involvement in Mumbai blasts 1993.
When sanjay appealed for his his sentence  in 2007, he was on bail  since then.
On  03-21-2013 , the supreme court reduced it for 5 years.
Sanjay Dutt was accused of buying heavy weapons from terrorists who were involved in attacking in mumbai. In those bomb attacks around two fifty seven were killed and seven hundred and thirteen were injured.

The anti-terror court convicted around 100 people for the mumbai attacks and  12 were given death sentence and other 20 were were given life sentences.

Today (Thursday) , The death sentence of yakub memon has been set off. And other ten death sentences has been also changed to life senteces.


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