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Lilly Pulitzer Died On April 7 2013 :(

Published on Sunday, 7 April 2013 12:49 // ,

Alas, it is very sad that one of the renowned fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer died at the age of 81 on april 7.
She was known for her tropical print dresses .
Lilly Pulitzer, very well known designer , who brightened up the world of fashion with her unique designs died in West Palm Beach , Fla. at the age of 81.
Lilly Pulitzer- Famous Fashion Designer Died At The Age Of 81-

Lilly’s life story from Brahmin to famous fashion designer is interesting.
First she opened a stall for selling juice , after that she asked her dressmaker to make clothes for her that could hide juice stains. Then as expected, she started selling the dresses intead of juice.

Later Lilly expanded her business from just simple clothes to home collection , mens wear and swimwear.
She used to say that “Style is not just about what you wear but it is about how you live,”

Lilly Pulitzer Died at the age of 81: Company Releases Statement:
Her company official FB fan page officially released the news about her death.
Besides being a fashion designer , she also wrote about 2 guide books about entertainment.
As death is certain for everyone, but Lilly will be remembered by her fans for the rest of the world.


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