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John Tortorella-His Termination-Potential Canditates For John Tortorella

Published on Thursday, 30 May 2013 15:23 // ,

John Tortorella, termination of John Tortorella, Potential canditates for John Tortorella, Lindy Ruff and Alain Vingneault  as candidate of John Tortorella,

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John Tortorella, after the preliminary termination of the term of John Tortrella, the Rangers of the New York will be trying to find a new employer instead of John Tortrella. The general manager Glen Sather explained about the team's power structure, when he had a chance to explain on Wednesday afternoon. Glen Sather was not able to make his audience comfirmed about whether he would remain as manager and president or not?

When the media asked to Glen Sather that who would be the next potential candidate to replace Tortorella,  Sather merely said that the whole organization is search for the right person to replace Tortorella.

Lindy Ruff and Alain Vingneault were deputed as head coaches in the beginning of the year 2013 but were not able to complete their tenure.

Ruff not only headed 1168 season games and made 78 ties recor but also was able to head 101 post season games. These post season games included the inclusion of the team in 1999 Stanely Cup Final. Lindy ruff had started his tenure in 1997. Ruff had been member of the Sabres when he was heading Rangers.

Vigneault is also a competitive candidate who could easily replace John Tortorella.
Vigneault is largely respected for his great efforts. Under the leadership of  Vigneault the team was very competitive and he was able to make the team appear in 2011 Stanley Cup. He also lead the team to President's Trophies.Vigneault could be a clear  target of Rangers to replace John Tortorella.

Another strong coach who could replace John Tortorella is Pheonix Coyotes who is coach of Dave Tippett. The interesting situation regarding Pheonix is that his contract will end on June Thirty, which will make Rangers to think about Phenix as his term is going to end at the right time of the situation.

Other teams have been continually trying to make Don Maloney to talk to Tippett but Maloney simply refused to talk to him. However , meanwhile Tippet will be able to gather lots of attention to him which will also include Rangers.

The names proposed above are not only the names that could replace John Tortorella, these are the names that none other than these could replace them. However Sather is optimistic about finding the new coach before NHL DRAFT.

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Vigneault to replace John Tortorella,  Pheonix the repalcer of John Tortorella , Vigneault potential candidate of John Tortorella.


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