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Gay Marriage Law In France-Protesters and President Francois Hollande

Published on Sunday, 26 May 2013 10:55 // ,

Gay Marriage Law

Paris: Thousands of people started protesting against gay marriage law on Sunday.

This gay marriage law was came into enforcement a week ago, but the organizers had already planned to take it as a long-term protest to demonstrate their strong opposition and disagreement about the gay marriage law which was approved by President Francois Hollande.

The protesters started their rally from  three different locations all across the Paris, and they filled the whole Seine River from the Champs Elysees.

Police noticed that about 150,000 people took part in the protest rally, but the organizers of the march said that there were more than a million people, who took part in the rally .

Around five thousands Policemen were deputed on the way of march on Sunday, as earlier protest against gay marriage law resulted in clashes between protesters and the police personnels.
A number of hundred thousand opponents of similar-sex marriage marched throughout middle Paris on Sunday in opposition to a change the unpopular French government approved previous month at the cost of deepening political polarization.

Big park lands all over Les Invalides monument were definitely complete of protesters waving pink and also glowing blue flags, although far-right activists dangled the banner ad at the Socialist Party headquarters recommending Leader Francois Hollande to terminate.

The particular protests, that started being a grass roots campaign highly supported by the particular Roman Catholic Religious organization, have got transformed in to a greater activity having opposition political figures and also far-right résistant dialecting all their unhappiness with Hollande.

However they have got still did not prohibit homosexual marriage, the particular protesters desire all their reconditioned show of power will assist quit or even reduce additional laws and regulations several Socialists really want letting aided procreation and surrogate parenthood regarding homosexual lovers.

Jean-Francois Cope, head with the opposition UMP party, marched within the demonstration and also urged youthful protesters to participate the party to maintain tension at the left-wing government.

"The following rendez-vous needs to be on the ballot boxes with the municipal elections," he claimed, talking about regional polls because of the coming year exactly where conservative people aspire to profit in the demonstration movement's all of a sudden potent mobilization.

And the move had been tranquil all through much of the day, authorities claimed they busted NINETY-SIX hardline opponents for the gay marriage law down the line for declining to disolve or occupying privately owned property.

After the almost all protesters chose to go home, clashes erupted in between hardliners wielding sticks and riot police, stuffing the Invalides Esplanade with tear gas. The particular physical violence had been much less extreme when compared to in late earlier protests, however.

Authorities mentioned 150,000 marched on Sunday whilst demonstration planners claimed a million persons had taken part.


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