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Gmail App Major Update For iOS

Published on Wednesday, 5 June 2013 23:47 //

Google Released Gmail Update For iPhone


Gmail App 2.2.7182  for iOS
Gmail App 2.2.7182  for iOS
Google released a major Gmail App update for iOS that directly switches the user to Google Maps, YouTube and Chrome directly by clicking relevant links in application. This feature is released as optional so the Gmail App user may turn it ON/OFF by changing the settings of application.

This Gmail App update is provided in the Gmail version 2.2.7182 in iOS. In previous versions the Gmail application would open the default safari web browser when the user clicks on any link. 

Gmail App 2.2.7182  for iOS
Gmail App 2.2.7182  for iOS
This new edition enables you open chrome in safari for links. It enables you sign out of the application using single account if multiple accounts are configured for Google. Coolest feature provided here is the switching
between up to 5 accounts.



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