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Nathan Griffith Dating- Story

Published on Thursday, 6 June 2013 12:51 //

Jenelle Evans! Are you a boyfriend changer even after marrying someone? Yes you are. Jenelle it’s solely going to harm you, not your husband.

Jennele Evans husband and old boyfriends:

        Jennele Evans is still married to Courtland Rogers, Who is detained in a jail. Gary Head, 25 has been her ex-fiance. Even she has been in good and bad relationships with Gary. But she doesn’t cares about his past and even about his husband. She has been changing her men like a baby chages clothes.

Jennele Evans New Boyfriend- Nathan Griffith:

                But now Jennele Evans is pursuing Nathan Griffith.  Nathan is a part time model and currently doing Civil Engineering from at Coastal Carolina University. Nathan Griffith is about to graduate in 2014. Nathan has strong and fit body as his display pics explains well. It seems that Jennele Evans is now impressed with Griffith Hot body.
On 4th june she posted a screen shot of a note that Nathan urged to be posted saying,
“Because I’m going to be the guy that makes all the bad sh** in her life go away and help her realize what a great person she is without the media highlighting her life to make her look bad. i guarantee everyone has skeletons to hide and she is strong enough to deal with hers in public. And so what she wants to go out in public and go on a date and be normal. I want to show her a positive life so she can move forward in the future.”

Nathan Griffith Taking his own pics (1)Nathan Griffith Taking his own pics (2)Nathan Body building (2)Nathan Body building (1)
Nathan taking his hot picsnathan in ground

Jennele’s past bad Experiences:

             But it seems that Jennele’s been having a bad year all along. As she has been suffering miscarriage. She has also been involved in cyberstalking and was arrested also. She had also battled heroine addiction. But leaving all the sorrows left behind, she is looking forward with more positive mind.
The list of tweets that she made seems that she is now happy with Nathan as follows

“Waking up with texts from him.”
The next tweets says that
“Have the BIGGEST smile on my face.”

Question Of the day:

Now the question is whether Jennele Evans is going to sustain her relationship with Nathan Griffith.  The best answer could only be given by our commenters below



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