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Imran Khan Took Oath at National Assembly

Published on Wednesday, 19 June 2013 09:49 //

Imran Khan taking oath in national assemblyISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, former cricket champion, recent Chairman PTI took oath as a member of National Assembly.

Mr. Ayaz Sadiq , who is national assembly speaker, managed the oath taken by Imran khan.
Imran Khan urged the government to tackle the war againt terrorism in our own fashion.

"We have to make this war our war, and it cannot become our own war unless we stop drone attacks."

Imran Khan Took Oath

Imran khan ,  told the government that a strategic plan is needed to be devised to stop drone attacks in the presence Army Chief who has ruled the military for larger part of his life.

Imran Khan Told ,"The prime minister, army chief and chief ministers should sit together and form a policy on drone attacks."

Imran Khan Taking oath at national assembly 

Imran Khan criticized the government for increasing General Sales Tax, that would have direct impact on poors.

Imran Khan also confessed , in Pakistan tax collection is a major problem to be dealt with.

Imran Khan also congratulated Nawaz Sharif for becoming Prime-minister of Pakistan and told that his party would perform its role not as an opposition but as a voice of citizens of Pakistan.



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