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Kte Bosworth's Top Shop's Hot Music Celebration is Here

Published on Monday, 3 June 2013 02:12 //

The moments of wait are over and over. The Top Shop is ready to amuse you. As explained earlier in April, that plans of Kte Bosworth were hot and high that she were to design a very vast collection for high-street retailer based on her own festival wardrobe. But now the plans seem different, as there are much more that anticipated. Even much more than mirrored sunglasses and tie-die t-shirts. This brand will be making a party and gigs along with famous stars. The fans will be able to get the tickets for this show only through tickets that will be allocated randomly and through online competitions.

The director of Top shop told “Kate and I were discussing the summer trends and how she had been one of our inspirations when she was here working with us on our Christmas project — the next day Kate came in with all these incredible images and references and shared what her ultimate festival outfits looked like. It is an organic extension of Kate’s fashion sense aligned with the Topshop brand. We think that’s fresh and exciting”

The film called “Road to Coachella” was made by the actress and Michael Polish, In this film Bosworth items were used in collection. The fancy clothes used by different actors and the whole sound track is available to buy and they can be easily shared with dears.

Kte Bosworth First itemBosworth Fourth and stylish itemWoth Kte third item (1)
latest design collecton (1)over coat by bossworthlatest design collecton (2)

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