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JIAH KHAN Suicide - Bollywood Film Star Commits Suicide

Published on Tuesday, 4 June 2013 04:22 //

Jiah khan commits suicide  hangs herself  at her residence Indian Police Said .
Jiah khan the female Bollywood superstar performed suicide . All Jiah Khan did is hanged herself at her residence as by police.
Jiah Khan age was just 25, suicides at her residence in Juhu. Jiah khan was grew up in England and in near past Jiah Khan had moved to Mumbai with her Mother Rabiya.
The reason to be told is “ she had been depressed by some personal issues that cause  Jiah Khan to commit suicide  but there was an urge in Jiah Khan to return to film industry. For all that film projects jiah was also meeting with film directors. ”
As Police said that her neighbours and other concerned persons like watchman are interrogated to check the visitors in her residence before  her suicide. The time of this suicide incident was 11pm. But there is nothing found that helps Jiah suicide interrogation.  Jiah  dead body is now in Cooper Hospital for postmortem.  

Jiya Khan the suicider Filmography:

Nafisa Khan the role played by Jiah khan in her first film debut in 2007 is totally different  to the role played by her in Nishabd. Jiah Khan  had also performed a different role to Akshay Kumar in Housefull and Aamir Khan in Ghajni.
Jiah Khan also get awarded for her best debut in film.

Bollywood on Jiah Khan Suicide:

Balaji telefilms owner tanuj Garg  said, “we know Jiah socially . She was soft in nature . cool and calm. Her suicide was a shocking news for them.”
The expressions by Amitab Bachan is when he heard about her suicide  “What has happened to her . Is this true .”

Jiah Khan Last Tweet Before Suicide :

The last tweet by her is “ Sorry I will be no more on twitter !. Some time we can't want to but we have to take some steps to get our thoughts back.”

Some More Pics Of Jiah Khan.....

Jiah Khan Suicide Comitter Hot Looks

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