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Manning Goes On Trial due To Wikileaks Disclosure

Published on Tuesday, 4 June 2013 06:13 //

WikiLeaks Disclosure
Us Soldier Named Manning Goes on Court-martial due to WikiLeaks disclosure

Manning an American soldier is going to face a trial due to handing over thousands of US government secret files to Wiki leaks. Manning was arrested in in Iraq three years after.
Manning may face 154 year jail. 

He has offered to admit and be guilty to those various offenses found, but Manning refuses to these serious charges and he admitted that he was in his sense while aiding Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden and providing those enemies secret files.

This act of Manning puts United States and its allies to an emotional state of discomfort and is accepted as a socially unacceptable act witnessed by some anti-secrecy websites.
This trial was conducted due to huge series hearings of various resources for 25 over leaks caused by Manning.

Prosecutors say that they have found evidence against manning that on Sept, 11 Osama Bin Laden asked for WikiLeaks files and these activities were found on computers in Osama’s compound in Pakistan while it was raided by Navy Seals 2 years before.

Supporters of Manning say that Manning's actions exposed the darkest side of US wars history in Afghanistan and Iraq and as well as exposed the US foreign policies. However Manning’s opponents declares that he betrayed his country as well as allies and put the US nationals in danger.

Manning was detained in 2010 while he was in Baghdad as US military Intelligence Analyst. 

Manning is also offered to accept guilty to 10 offenses as well as breaching military disciplinary code of conduct, his punishment would be let down to 20 years of jail. But Manning may get into the life imprisonment if found to be indulge in serious offense.

Manning Court-Martial is being taken place at Fort Meade Military Base in Maryland. People of Maryland are protesting against government’s actions and demands to stop court-martial and release Manning. 



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