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Katherine Middleton has Given Birth To Baby Boy

Published on Tuesday, 23 July 2013 01:54 //

As Last Katherine Middleton, has given birth to a price baby boy.

After 10 hours of Kate admission to hospital at 4pm , katherine gave birth to baby boy.  
According to sources kate was admitted to birthday suite at six am at St Mary’s Hospital in London.
Prince William and Duches of Palace had welcomed the new baby boy on 22nd july.
The press had been camping around the St Mary’s Hospital for weeks to make the headline of new baby birth first wherease thousands of well wishers had been gathering around the palace for hearing the news of new prince at the Palace.  
According to the doctors the baby and Katherine are in good condition. Katherine given birth to baby boy at 4.24 am with William (her husband) standing aside.
It’s expected that Katherine will be in the hospital overnight and after that she will be shifted to the palace.
The new born baby weighs 8lbs 6oz was born at 4.24 am. The birth announcement was made through press release not through easel on Buckingham Palace.

The people are more than curious about the name of the new baby. However the baby will be third in line to the British throne. 



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